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How To Look After Your Crockery

How To Look After Your Crockery

Fine crockery should never be treated in the same manner as everyday crockery and one should always be sure to read the accompanying instructions before use. Always remove any food or liquid from the plate as soon as possible by running under the tap and wiping with a soft cleaning cloth to prevent it sticking. Additionally, abrasive materials must not be used when cleaning. Only items marked dishwasher safe can be washed in a dishwasher using recommended detergents.

While speaking of fine porcelain it must be noted that it is very solid. Using the dishwasher is okay as long as it is not for a daily use. It is good advice to put very little washing liquid in – which is far better than powder and tablets.

Hand washing, always has been and always will be the safest option for such delicate items, but in certain cases, dishwashers may be appropriate. But even this limited dishwasher use is selective. Underglaze designs can be washed as they are, as stated before, protected. But. Designs that are Overglaze should not be washed in the dishwasher, and even while hand-washing, there needs to be an extra level of care taken, to ensure that the designs (which, as we know from before are above the protective glaze coating) are not damaged.

Certain plates may be microwave safe, but any with precious metal rims shouldn’t be used in the microwave.

Store your dishware by stacking them with a napkin places in between each plate. Do not slide plates over each other as this may mark the glaze.

With your dinner service, comes glassware, which is, in all probability, crystal. Bad ideas – Putting your crystal in the microwave, or conventional oven. Storing food or beverages in your crystal.

Washing your Crystal by hand with warm soapy water and a soft sponge is recommended as scouring pads or abrasive washing agents or the dishwasher can permanently scratch or dull the surface. Once washed, dry your crystal immediately with a lint-free cloth.

Stemware (Goblets or Wine Flutes and the like) should not be stored upside down, as the lip of the glass is delicate and can be damaged under the weight of the glass.

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