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6 Tips to store dinnerware

Storing dinnerware properly is the best way to keep it new and free from scratches. Storing your luxury dinnerware where you can see and access them will add a stylish look to your kitchen cabinet.

  1. While stacking your dinner plates, separate them with a paper towel,paper napkin or a piece of fabric. This way the underrims of the plates are not damaged.
  2. Stack your dinner plates, bowls or salad plates in a column of 4 or 6 to relieve the stress and avoid any breakage due to the weight of stacked plates.
  3. You can also stack your dinner plates and bowls upright in plate racks.
  4. While stacking your tea cups and coffee mugs, the best way is to hang them by the handles. Stacking your cups and mugs might damage the rim of the cups.
  5. While storing your ceramic dinnerware , always remember to store them away from heat or direct sunlight since ceramic dinnerware is sensitive to temperature changes.
  6. Storing your dinnerware within reach and lining your shelves with non-slip padding material will minimize the chances of dropping and breaking.